‘I’m dating my friend’s ex-boyfriend and she’s furious with me’

‘I’m dating my friend’s ex-boyfriend and she’s furious with me’

Ask Roe: ‘I feel just like a very long time ban on seeing her ex seems absurd’

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Dear Roe,

I’ve began going down with my friend’s ex-boyfriend and she’s incredibly frustrated and I don’t know very well what to complete. We’re all belated 20s and have actually understood one another since university. My buddy and also this guy sought out for approximately a when they were about 19 year. My buddy moved abroad 3 years ago but we nevertheless retain in touch a little on social networking, and we also attempt to get together whenever she comes back home maybe once or twice per year.

In university, her ex and I also had been friendly but never close, but before he relocated to the area that is same personally me. Throughout the summer time, we saw one another within our neighborhood park and began walking together frequently, then began calling and texting each other a lot, too. Over xmas both of us stated we had feelings for every single other. As a result of , we now haven’t surely got to take pleasure in the usual dating markers and so I think we had been both a bit not sure of our“status that is official we’re in a relationship now.

Somebody told my pal and she called me personally, furious, saying I became a bad buddy and had betrayed her. She said it was “obvious to everybody else” that in the event that you date your friend’s ex that you don’t value that relationship. personally i think terrible but additionally feel just like she’s being unjust. Their relationship happens to be over for a long time, she’s cheerfully with some other person and I also feel just like an eternity ban on seeing her ex seems ridiculous. Just just What do I do?

Firstly, I’d want to apologise to regular visitors of the line. We’ve had numerous letters from single individuals asking just how to date and fulfill people during , rather than as soon as did I even want to suggest walking that is arranging together with your buddies’ exes – and apparently it is a jackpot move! The negligence!

We tease, but genuinely I’m quite heartened and delighted that we’ve had a effective love tale in the line, therefore congratulations on finding some body in this difficult time – even in the event this has come some complications.


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    I shall state upfront that there are some key details missing right here, such as for instance whether your buddy (for clarity, let’s call her “Anne”) and her ex/your brand new boyfriend (“Barry”) had a really hard relationship or break-up; whether he addressed her defectively; and whether she confided inside you a whole lot about their relationship along with her heartbreak. This info could explain my response why Anne seems betrayed.

    Some individuals hold casual rules that are social dating buddies’ exes for many valuable reasons, including supporting and protecting people who have been addressed poorly by the ex, rather than forcing them to connect often in social settings. If a pal confided in you extensively in regards to the relationship, dating their previous partner may also feel really uncomfortable and also manipulative due to the intimate knowledge you have got about each of them – knowledge that you’dn’t have, had you not held their trust and self-confidence.