A six way imaging head to head Realme X3 SuperZ m vs Nokia 808/1020, etc.

A six way imaging head to head Realme X3 SuperZ m vs Nokia 808/1020, etc.

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DSLR vs camera phone, 2021 – are we there, yet?

Something just a little different, here regarding the All About internet sites (including AAM, nevertheless yet to introduce – ahem). Over time various attempts are built to pitch the digital camera mobile world against a DSLR – I’ve tried myself one or more times. But with the course in the phone world, the Apple iPhone 12 professional Max in ProRAW capture mode, I have high hopes we’re at last getting ‘there’, trending towards the point whereby shutterbugs don’t https://datingmentor.org/portuguese-dating/ need certainly to lug around A dslr that is heavy. The battle is on.

LG Cellphone officially shuts down, comes to an end 15 years in smart phones

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Starting ( in the smartphone world) with Series 60 (on Symbian) handsets, transitioning through Windows Phone 7.x phones, and winding up on Android, LG has officially closed its Cellphone division, with all the brief declaration quoted below. It has been a road that is rocky LG, but also back in the mid 2000s at the Symbian shows, I never really felt their heart was in it, at the very least in terms of offering to – and supporting – the western. Some thoughts and a few appearance straight back below.

So just how practical is solar power for keepin constantly your smartphone going?

It’s an idea that I’ve toyed with over the years, and prompted with a recent distribution for review of a solar-powered smartphone energy bank ( website link below, it possessed a design flaw!) Now, i am in the united kingdom additionally the sun isn’t exactly a trusted resource, but hey, deciding on a bright day or two in springtime here, I applied some science to your idea that is solar. Using my trusty Choetech 19W tri-fold panel, I’ve been using dimensions and doing some maths.

2021 Smartphone photo storage thoughts

With Bing stepping back from their vision that is original for Photos, 12 months on year, modifications are af t in the phone photo storage space world. And so I thought a round up of the choices in 2021 is worthwhile. This being cross-posted to AAWP, it is highly appropriate to claim that Microsoft’s OneDrive, as used originally straight back in Symbian (as ‘SkyDrive’) after which Windows mobile times, remains probably the premium repository for all your pictures and videos. But there are options galore.

It is the bits and bytes – perhaps not the chips and elements!

Within the last couple of years, the entire core of just what a smartphone means if you ask me changed. A lot of the excitement about new phone launches has worn off, while in another, I’ve never been so invested in my phone and how tightly integrated it is into my everyday life in one sense. I would ike to explain – in text or ( if you like) movie type! The thing is, the value in your smartphone in 2021 is not – interestingly – in your ВЈ1000 hardware, I contend.

A 2021 ‘PureView’ battle 808/1020/Pixel/iPhone

In each of my previous camera sh touts through the phone world, We have people asking in regards to the older, 2013 Lumia 1020 and even more so the 2012 Nokia 808, why maybe not throw these relative head to head aided by the state of this PureView art in 2021? ‘PureView’ was constantly about combining numerous pixels into one, about computational photography, to help keep images as ‘pure’ as you can. Perhaps, Bing and Apple did the most effective right here with regards to staying in touch this tradition, combining pixels into the time (in the place of real) domain. Therefore here is a big 4-way sh tout, for the interest and satisfaction!

4 years on – the verdict on HMD’s version of ‘Nokia’

The Nokia name has received a rough time over the past 2 full decades, from market dominance into the very early 2000s to an unsuccessful chase after the bottom end associated with the smartphone market with Windows mobile in the early 2010s – after which into oblivion between 2014 and 2016 following the sale associated with company to Microsoft. But Finland-based HMD acquired the legal rights towards the Nokia title in 2016 and announced its first Android-running smartphone in 2017 – four years ago. Long enough to form a verdict on HMD’s performance aided by the brand.

Mobile MicroSD Musings – and also the iPhone zeitgeist

It’s a debating point since old as the hills. Should smartphones have storage expansion slots ( e.g. microSD)? From earliest Symbian days to the age of Windows Phone and now Android os and iOS, the clear answer varies according to which manufacturer and model you appear at, with the price included. Let us consider the pros. therefore the cons.

Steve’s top gadgets/accessories that are phone-related

Yes, yes, a personal Top 10 – and yours shall no doubt be completely different. But right here goes anyhow – at least it might supply some plans (and links). We love our smart phones. And we love our gadgets. Therefore let’s connect the two up, with devices and accessories that assist the work that is smartphone. Much, much better. Powered, connected, effective.

The return of SIS Store and Symbian Developers

News from our far flung contact Michael “Mivas_Greece” about continued task within the world that is symbian all totally user-driven these days, needless to say. But worthy of note proper still playing (or day that is even using day) Symbian. There’s loads below for onward fun, including the linked site subtitle ‘Symbian isn’t dead yet’!